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Russia may require quotas on vegetable imports

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The head of the association Greenhouses of Russia Natalia Rogova believes that in the long term Russia may require quotas on imports of vegetables.

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“The introduction of quotas is a real measure for the protection of the market, but on the condition that the internal production will reach at least half of the requirements."

"Interfax" was on the sidelines of the First International investment forum "AgroYug 2015" on Thursday in Stavropol.

Speaking at the forum, she discussed the need for quotas on vegetable imports.

According to her, Russia's demand for greenhouse vegetables amounts to 2 million tons. The amount collected this year will be around 778,000 tons.

As specified by N.Rogova, in order to meet the needs of 50%, it is necessary to build another 2,000 hectares of greenhouses for use in winter and bring the total greenhouse area up to 4,000 hectares.

There are now 2,000 hectares of greenhouse in Russia, towards the beginning of 2016 there will be 2,157 ha, and in 2020 there are plans to build more than 1,537 ha of new greenhouses and modernise more that 350 greenhouse complexes,” she said.

"In the future, it will be necessary to introduce quotas on the import of vegetables by month and by type, so that our greenhouse complexes will be able to compete with imports," said Rogova.

The First International Investment Forum "South Agro 2015” was held on 29-30 October in Stavropol.

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