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Russia may turn to China for drones

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Vasily Kashin, an analyst at the Moscow-based Center for Analysis for Strategies and Technologies, has said Russia may consider making use of more advanced Chinese military resources, according to ArmyStar.

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China has long been an exporter of military technology. With Beijing's permission, countries including Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Sudan and Argentina manufacture and develop a variety of military equipment such as anti-ship missiles, small battleships, tanks, anti-tank missiles, artillery, air defense systems, ground-to-ground missiles, fighter planes, armored personnel carriers, armaments, communication facilities and the Z-11 helicopter.

Last but not least, China's mass exports of military hardware to North Korea are well known. It is safe to conclude that China is the most "lenient" in terms of military exports, since Western countries always attach political conditions to such trade, the report said.

Although generally speaking Russia is ahead of China in terms of military development, China outshines Russia in its development of drones.

The Chengdu Pterodactyl I, a surveillance and aerial reconnaissance platform developed by Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group, has been exported to several countries including Uzbekistan and Saudi Arabia. So far Russian drones are intended for reconnaissance missions and Russia has to rely on imports. Drones may serve as a new bridge for Sino-Russia cooperation, especially with the Ukraine crisis greatly decreasing the chance of purchasing drones from Western countries, the report said.

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