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Russia opened doors for Mexican berries, avocados and lemons

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The Russian borders are now open for Mexican produce from Jalisco. The first shipments of avocados, berries, lemon, cactus and other produce will start within 6 months.

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Currently, Jalisco is the leading producer of raspberry and blueberry, with 1,512 and 611 hectares planted, respectively, while strawberry is cultivated on 480 hectares of which 431 hectares is blackberry.

The official stressed the business opportunity that represents the Eurasian country, with a market of 140 million consumers, which imports most of its food due to its climatic conditions, with almost eight months of winter.

As gathered over the past few months, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco have shown their preparedness to cooperate and are still looking at the possibility to boost exports of agricultural products especially fruits and vegetables to Russian food markets to help fill in the gap after President Vladimir Putin slapped on sanctions that severely limit food imports from foreign countries.

South Africa has been a promising partner in the Southern African region while Morocco is one of the leading trade partners of Russia in North Africa.

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