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Russia to add 7 more countries to food embargo list

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Moscow is drafting a proposal to extend its food embargo to seven more countries which have backed EU sanctions against Russia.

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The Russian Agriculture Ministry is working on a draft of a bill which will ban certain food imports from Albania, Montenegro, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Ukraine and Georgia – which have not yet fallen under Russian sanctions yet, RIA Novosti reports citing the ministry’s press service.

“At the moment, the proposals concerning the seven countries are being worked out by the government, the draft decree is also in progress,” the ministry said on Tuesday, adding that the exact date of the readiness of the document has not yet been set.

“The exact list of the countries is being discussed,” the ministry’s spokesperson added.

European economies continue suffering from Russian counter-sanctions which have recently been prolonged up until August 5, 2016. The move was made in response to the EU extending its sanctions against Russia up until December 31, 2016.

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