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Russia to ease sanctions on Cyprus exports

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Russian health authorities will carry out checks on Cypriot producers before they are allowed to export products to the country.

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Quoting Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the Cyprus News Agency said checks would start on April 27. Russia has said it was considering allowing Hungary, Greece and Cyprus to export to its market despite Moscow's embargo last year on EU products in response to Ukraine-related sanctions.

Russian health authorities will carry out checks in the three countries as well as India, the report said. Around 20 companies will be checked in Greece and Hungary, eight in Cyprus, and five in India.

The embargo, introduced last year in response to Western sanctions imposed on Moscow for its role in the Ukraine crisis, restricted many European food producers' access to the large Russian market.

In Cyprus, the total export volume affected was around €13.5 million in 2013, including citrus, fish, vegetables, dairy, and fruit. Citrus exports held the biggest share with €10.7 million.

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