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Russia to extend Trans-Eurasian rail to Korea

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Russia will team up with North and South Korea in a railroad construction project that could restore peace between the two neighbors.

The link will extend the world's longest railroad, so goods can be shipped between Europe and Korea 3x faster.

Russia's Minister for Far East Development Aleksander Galushka announced the plan to extend the Trans-Siberian Railroad at a meeting in Vladivostok. The expansion would provide a link between the Korean peninsula and Europe's $17 trillion economy, making Russia a major transit route between Europe and Asia. Shipping by rail is nearly 3 times faster than via the Suez Canal, Russian Railways CEO Vladimir Bakunin has said.

Russian Railways has already started a direct rail service between Hamburg, Germany and Zhengzhou, China, a journey that only takes 15 days via Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, and Poland.

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