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Russia to plug holes in ban on food imports from EU

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Russia will make demands stricter on the rules of food products from third countries to "plug all the holes" of illegal imports from the European Union, Russian Agriculture Minister Alexander Tkachev said.

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"The list is currently being discussed and I assume that it won’t be enlarged. We will most likely make certain corrections and specifications with the goal to prevent products from countries supporting sanctions against Russia, so that they in no way can squeeze through holes or schemes from third countries into the Russian territory," Tkachev said on Rossiya-24 television.

On Monday, the European Union extended the sanctions against Russia for its alleged role in the Ukrainian crisis for six more months. The restrictions, originally imposed in 2014, target Russia’s defense, banking and energy sectors, as well as several individuals.

Moscow has repeatedly stated that it was not involved in the armed conflict in Ukraine, and imposed a year-long food embargo against the countries that sanctioned Russia last August.

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