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Russia will not change its economy to fit interests of others

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Russia will not have its economy fit interests of other countries, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said in an interview with the Vesti television program.

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The resuming of economic relations as well as settlement of a number of political issues, related to that, including visas and some others, would be divided into stages, the prime minister said.

"Let us not run too fast, we shall be able to have all those negotiations with the Turkish counterparts," he said.

"But - as I said at the meeting of government on Thursday, and what I would like to tell you - clearly we would not change deliberately the economy to fit whatever country, including our major trade partner, Turkey," Medvedev said.

The prime minister continued by saying formerly Turkey took up to five percent of the Russian trade turnover, which is a high level. After the crisis in relations with Russia, "certain economic niches were taken by other countries," he said referring to supplies of agricultural products and tourism.

"Of course, as for those who have come with good will, so to say, to our market, we shall not be taking decisions to remove them or to give to them a signal that now are returning the Turkish supplies of products, goods or services... No, everything will remain as it is."

This approach is also applicable to the European Union, he said. "For us, it remains a big counterpart, but the turnover has slumped now, and a number of economic niches, which used to be taken by supplies from the European Union and some other countries, are taken by other countries."

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