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'Saudi Arabia is fishing in troubled waters'

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A senior Iranian lawmaker strongly rejected Saudi Arabia's recent claim on Iran and Kuwait's shared offshore gas field in the Persian Gulf known as Arash.

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"Arash is a joint gas field between Iran and Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia seems to be fishing in troubled waters under the present conditions and Riyadh cannot prove its allegations," member of the parliament's Energy Commission Nasser Soudani said on Sunday.

Mr. Soudani's remarks came in reaction to the recent allegations made by some Saudi officials claiming that Riyadh has a share in Arash gas field. He reiterated that Arash is jointly owned by Iran and Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia does not have any share in this field.

In relevant remarks earlier this month, Iranian Deputy Oil Minister for International and Trade Affairs Ali Majedi also rejected Saudi Arabia's allegation on Arash gas field. the official noted that other Iranian oil officials have on several occasions underlined that Saudi Arabia has no share in Arash gas field.

Saudi Arab Arash gas field is located on Iran-Kuwait water border and it is called Dorra in the Kuwait part of the field.

The field's gas reserve is estimated at one trillion cubic feet along with some 310 million barrels of oil.

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