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Saudi Arabia, Kuwait again in gas field dispute

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Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have once again been locked in a dispute over the routing of gas extracted at the jointly operated offshore Dorra (Arash) gas field.

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According to a report by Kuwaiti Al-Rai newspaper, work at the gas field shared with Iran has been halted as a result of the dispute, press tv reported.

Saudi Arabia says that any gas pumped from the field should go through Khafji oilfield, before being divided between the two sides, while Kuwait argues that it should be able to take its share directly from Dorra.

The Khafji oilfield is capable of producing 311,000 barrels of oil per day. This comes a month after production at Khafji, a neutral zone between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, came to a standstill, with officials in Kuwait City blaming technical difficulties. Dorra has recoverable reserves of an estimated 220 billion cubic meters of gas.

Saudi Arabia and Kuwait agreed to jointly develop parts of the Dorra gas field back in 2000. However, projects on the field have been halted several times due to differences between the two sides.

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