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Scotland: Brexit is damaging! It will cost 145 pounds per person!

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The proposed Brexit deal by the UK Government will make Scotland poorer, according to analysis from the Scottish Government.

The proposal, still to be voted on in the House of Commons, could cost the equivalent of £1,600 for each person in Scotland by 2030, compared to continued EU membership. That's £145 per year.

ut it is not even certain that a free trade deal will be agreed, meaning the cost could be higher.

The assessment shows that the deal:

- Removes Scotland from the European Single Market of 500 million people

- Leaves future trading arrangements uncertain for both goods and services

- Puts Scotland at a potential competitive disadvantage to Northern Ireland

- Ends free movement of people, which is vital for workers in sectors such as health and social care. Scotland’s working age population would decline by 3% without EU migration

- Appears to directly contradict the UK Government’s previous position on fisheries: that there should be no link between access to UK waters and access to EU markets

- Ends guaranteed high standards and protections that come with EU membership, including the environment, food safety, animal welfare, health and safety, equality and working conditions

- Provides no certainty about future participation in EU programmes such as Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+.

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