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Silent revolution in Nigeria agriculture

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Nigeria government has declared its commitment to improve wheat production, create agriculture jobs, and cut down the wheat import by 50 percent in 2017.

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The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Akinwumi Adesina made said the drive in wheat production will generate N42 billion and create an estimated one million jobs, especially in the northern part of the country. He added that by 2017 wheat production in Nigeria will rise to 1.5 million metric, cutting Nigeria's wheat importation by 50 per cent.

"Today, Nigeria's wheat importation is about four million mt per year and it is estimated to grow by five per cent per year. By 2030, Nigeria will be importing 10 million mt of wheat every year. That means Nigeria will be spending $15 billion every year on wheat importation," Mr. Adesina said.

Mr. Adesina said that Federal Government is planning to raise wheat production from 300,000 MT to 1.5 million MT by 2017. "Today, we are reviving hope for Nigeria to produce its own wheat and free itself from decades of dependence on imported wheat. This is not a mirage, that's why we are here, a silent revolution is happening on farms across northern Nigeria."

Mr. Adesina said that by 2015-2016 season, Nigeria will cultivate 150,000 hectares which will rise to 300,000 hectares by 2016-2017, then to 1.5 million hectares.

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