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Slovakia files official request to host European Medicines Agency

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The Slovak government filed an official request on Thursday to have the European Medicines Agency (EMA) relocated from London to Bratislava.

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Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico announced it in Bratislava after meeting European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in Brussels on the same day.

"I told him that we're interested in headquartering the Medicines Agency in Slovakia. We filed a qualified application, but we'll respect the result of this fair competition because the conditions, as they've been set, are fair," said Fico.

Like the European Banking Authority (EBA), the prestigious medicines agency with more than 900 highly qualified employees will have to move out of London to a EU-member state following Britain's departure from the EU.

All EU countries interested in hosting the headquarters of the EMA and EBA must file an official request with the European Commission by July 31.

The decision will be made by ministers of EU states based on a vote slated for November.

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