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South Africa, China sign more bilateral agreements

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In an effort to strengthen bilateral relations and trade ties, South Africa and China have signed a number of strategic agreements.

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One of the agreements was a five- to 10-year strategic programme on co-operation, focusing on bilateral cooperation, including "political mutual trust and strategic co-ordination" and co-operation in international affairs and BRICS [Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa] related issues.

The countries also agreed to further improve bilateral cooperation in trade and investment to redress the structural imbalance in the two countries' bilateral trade.

An action plan on agriculture cooperation, including the protocol of phytosanitary requirements (the control of plant diseases) for maize and apples exported from South Africa to China and for dates exported from China to South Africa, was signed.

The signing of the agriculture related agreements, according to the Presidency, was an affirmation that both countries stand ready to strengthen personnel and technology exchanges as well as promote agricultural capacity building through exchanging delegations.

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