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South Stream Plan B goes through Greece and Turkey

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A Russian newspaper has published an article suggesting that the Kremlin-favoured South Stream gas pipeline could reach its final destinations, Italy and Austria, through Turkey and Greece.

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The South Stream could drop Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, and Slovenia. Russian business newspaper Vzglyad published an article by journalist Oleg Makarenko, claiming that Gazprom has a plan B in case Bulgaria continues to obstruct the construction of the South Stream pipeline.

A caretaker government in Sofia, which took office on 6 August, has frozen the construction of South Stream, following clear indications from Brussels that the EU executive would impose infringements on Bulgaria, unless the country re-negotiates its bilateral agreement with Russia for the construction of the pipeline, which is in breach of EU law.

According to the Vzglyad article, Russian President Vladimir Putin has already hinted at another route for South Stream, during his meeting with leaders of world media, on 24 May. The article quotes Turkish energy Minister Taner Y?ld?z as saying that Ankara would allow South Stream to reach Turkey under the Black Sea instead of Bulgaria, as originally planned.

However, Russian sources are quoted as saying that the Turkish route is not Moscow’s preferred one, as it is longer, and because of the lost possibility of reaching Serbia and Hungary.

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