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Spain: Only US can solve Gibraltar decolonization

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Spain believes negotiation with Britain is the only realistic avenue for a resolution of the claim it makes over Gibraltar and its waters and that only by a decision of the United Nations can decolonization of the Rock be settled.

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The view is expressed in an answer to questions from Basque MP Jon Inarritu released this last week. In a four page statement which looks at historic issues since 1704, the Spanish Government sets out that the basic elements of the position at the UN are that Gibraltar is a colony, that "self-determination" has not been recognized by the UN for Gibraltarians, but that instead the "colonial situation of Gibraltar destroys the national unity and territorial integrity of Spain."

Spain makes clear in its response that recourse to the courts would be a measure of last resort that in all events requires agreement between the UK and Spain.

"The question of Gibraltar should be resolved by bilateral negotiations between UK and Spain which have been recommended by the UN since 1965. Only the UN can decide when the decolonization process of Gibraltar has been completed and until that moment Gibraltar will continue to be in the UN list of dependent territories,” says the document adding that any such negotiations should take into account the “interests” of the “colony’s population."

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