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State secretary: Romania will have maximum 50 taxes

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Harry-Ilan Laufer, a state secretary in the Romanian Ministry for Business, Trade and Entrepreneurship, said that the number of taxes will not exceed 50 starting next year, and all taxes will be paid online starting the end of 2018.

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The ones that can’t be paid online will be removed, he added, reports local

“Another pillar that we must build (…) is the de-bureaucratization department,” Laufer explained. This department needs to create a direction for de-bureaucratization in every minister.

He said that Romania currently has over 100 taxes. A law removing 102 non-fiscal taxes came into force at the beginning of February.

The list includes the radio-TV tax, used to finance the public radio and television and the environment tax Romanians pay when registering second-hand cars.

It also incorporates 30 consular fees, 20 taxes from the Trade Registry, and 22 taxes for removing or changing documents.

The law was initiated by the Social-Democratic leader Liviu Dragnea. It was unanimously voted by the Parliament on October 25, just before the start of the electoral campaign in Romania.

The PSD governing program also includes the consolidation of all the laws concerning the business environment and fiscal laws into an economic code.

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