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Sweden can’t stop Nord Stream-2 implementation

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Statements of Swedish political parties about intention to stop Russia-led Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline project can have no impact on its implementation, as the country has already given its permit and it can’t be recalled, Peter Ericson, ambassador to Russia, told PRIME in an interview released Tuesday.

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“Sweden has already issued all permits that were necessary for the Nord Stream-2. As this doesn’t relate to national waters, there are no possibilities to stop the project. Yes, all political parties of Sweden said they do not treat it well, but we can’t do anything against it,” Ericson said.

The Swedish Radio (SR) reported recently that Swedish parliamentary parties oppose construction of the pipeline saying it does not comply with the E.U.’s intentions to raise the share of environmentally friendly renewable energy.

The Nord Stream-2 project envisages construction of two lines of a natural gas pipeline with an annual capacity of up to 55 billion cubic meters, running from the Russian shore to Germany under the Baltic Sea. Russian gas giant Gazprom will implement the project together with Germany’s E.ON and BASF, Royal Dutch Shell, Austria’s OMV, and France’s Engie.

Ericson also said that the expanded package of sanctions that the U.S. plans to introduce against those who cooperate with Russia can complicate work of Swedish companies in Russia.

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