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Sweden signs sustainable agriculture and forestry initiatives

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Forests and agriculture were in the spotlight on the COP21 climate conference. The Government of Sweden has chosen to support two initiatives.

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The first aims to reduce deforestation, restore degraded forests and secure communities’ rights to sustainably use the forests they live and work in. The second initiative aims to improve the potential of agricultural land to contribute to food production and climate change efforts.

Within the framework of the "Lima-Paris Action Agenda", Sweden signed two initiatives on forestry and agriculture: the "New York Forest Declaration" and the "4/1000 Initiative: Soils for Food Security and Climate". King Carl XVI Gustaf is in Paris taking part in the high-level discussions.

The New York Forest Declaration has three priorities: reducing global deforestation (which is also a target within the global sustainability goals); restoring degraded forests and deforested areas; and ensuring good management of the world's forests and allocating resources to support land rights. â– 

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