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Taiwan and Philippines sign deal on hiring, savings for workers and employees

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Workers from the Philippines will be able to travel to Taiwan for work in two or three weeks at the earliest after Taiwan and the Philippines signed cooperation guidelines on worker recruitment, management and service.

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The agreement was reached at the sixth ministerial conference between labor ministers of the two countries in Taipei.

The Philippines agreed to provide information on quality workers, while Taiwan for its part agreed to help good employers hire Filipino workers.

The two sides will streamline the application procedures for direct hiring and will help employers directly hire Filipino workers without having to go through brokers.

The Ministry of Labor said that after the signing of the guidelines, the Philippines will put information on quality workers into a data bank so that prospective employers will be able to directly hire workers in the manufacturing and construction sectors, or caregivers or housemaids for institutions or families through the selective hiring system.

After their jobs in Taiwan have been confirmed by the employers, the workers will be able to travel to Taiwan in two or three weeks.

This will save the employers introduction fees which currently stand at NT$20,008 ($633), or the minimum wage for one month. It will also mean they are not saddled with registration fees.

This will also benefit the workers, who will save the average of around NT$24,000 per person they previously had to pay to the brokerage firms.

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