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Taiwan provides Turkish business gateway to China

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Taiwan is the best route into the burgeoning Chinese market, Turkish investors have been advised.

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“The world pays more attention to mainland China as the world's second-largest economy,” Yaser Cheng, who represents the Taipei Economic and Cultural Mission, told The Anadolu Agency. “Taiwan knows mainland China better than any other country in the world. “Taiwan can be a springboard for foreign companies who want to enter the Chinese market. There are only three economies that earn money from mainland China - Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.”

According to Cheng, even the Japanese are using Taiwan as an entry point to China, selecting Taiwanese companies as strategic partners because “we understand their [the Chinese] way of thinking."

Taiwan, officially known as the Republic of China and largely populated by Han Chinese, is the world’s 20th largest goods exporter and 18th largest importer, according to the World Trade Organization.

Calling for closer ties between Taiwan and Turkey, particularly in the economy, culture, science and technology, Cheng went on: "Taiwan has signed deals to avoid double taxation with more than 50 countries in the world, including 12 countries in the EU. In Turkey, such an important country we don’t have any trade-related agreement. How can Taiwanese businessmen come here to invest?"

Taiwan is the world’s 28th wealthiest country and the sixth richest in Asia but it lacks natural resources and its economy is highly dependent on exports such as electronics, telecommunications, precision machinery and biotechnology.

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