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The Netherlands welcomes 2015 with more than 60 new laws

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As 2015 was welcome across the Netherlands, 63 new laws and rules changes also came into effect.

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Amongst these are a minimum wage increase, changes to rules regarding temporary and permanent work contracts, a hike in cigarette taxes, a drop in the maximum allowable mortgage, a bumped up retirement age, and a rise in train costs.

As of today the minimum wage increases. If you are 23 years or older, you are entitled to 1,501.80 euro per month for full-time employment. In 2014 the minimum wage was 1,495.20 euro. There are stricter requirements for social assistance from today. For example, you must accept offered work or provide other consideration at the request of your municipality, NL Times reports.

Some of the rules for the AOW pension will change this year. On April 1st the partner allowance for new entrants will expire. Cohabiting state pension recipients, including both home ownership or rental, gets 70% AOW. The state pension age also increases by one month to 65 years and 3 months. In 2023 the state pension age will be 67 years.

If you live abroad and you earn (part of) your income in the Netherlands, the same deductions, tax credits and tax free allowance that applies for other Dutch citizens also applies for you. The condition for this so-called rule qualifying foreign tax liability is that you pay tax for at least 90 percent of your income in the Netherlands. You can read about all new laws here.

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