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The Netherlands will donate €4 million to Syria

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The Netherlands will donate €4 million in aid to people facing starvation in Syria, development minister Lilianne Ploumen announced.

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The money will go for food, medicine, drinking water and winter supplies.
Ploumen stated that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs maintains close contact with UN and other aid organisations about the food crisis in Syria.

"About a week ago I spoke to the UN aid coordinator in Damascus about besieged cities like Madaya and Zabadina. Thousands of people are being used as pawns in a conflict they didn’t create.

"Thankfully the UN has now been able to reach them with aid supplies, but it remains to be seen if aid workers will have continued access over the coming months. I am greatly concerned."

The money made available by the minister will go to the Red Cross in Syria to provide food, medicine, drinking water and winter supplies. The Netherlands is one of the biggest donors to crisis relief in Syria. Last year the Netherlands donated over €200 million in aid to Syrian refugees and to those still living in Syria.

Humanitarian distress in Syria remains high. Organisations like UNCHR and the Red Cross believe millions of euros will be needed this year to provide aid to the victims.

On February 4, government leaders will meet in London to discuss the humanitarian crisis and a structural approach to the reception of refugees in the region. Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Ms Ploumen will represent the Netherlands at this conference.

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