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Theresa May says UK will leave the European Court of Justice

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Prime Minister Theresa May has insisted the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in the UK will come to an end with Brexit.

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As the government published new details of its position, the PM said the UK would “take back control of our laws.”

But critics say it will be impossible to avoid European judges having a role in enforcing new agreements drawn up with the EU. Ministers say the two sides will keep “half an eye” on each other's rulings.

The ECJ is in charge of ensuring member states abide by EU law. Its rulings are binding on all member states, and it also settles disputes between countries and EU institutions.

Asked about her government's position, Mrs May said: “What we will be able to do is to make our own laws - Parliament will make our laws - it is British judges that will interpret those laws, and it will be the British Supreme Court that will be the ultimate arbiter of those laws.”

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