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Trudeau: Canada could walk away from NAFTA over ‘multiple issues’

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says there are several reasons he could choose to not accept a renegotiated North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

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In an interview with local Winnipeg radio host Geoff Currier of AM680 CJOB, Trudeau was asked whether he is still optimistic that negotiators can reach a deal on NAFTA and whether there is a point at which he would be willing to walk away.

“There are multiple issues at which point we will not accept a deal,” said Trudeau.

“There have been people out there, including former prime minister Harper, who have said, ‘look, NAFTA is too important, you can’t walk away from it, you should accept a bad deal rather than no deal.’ I’ve been very clear that no, I’m not going to accept a bad deal.”

Canada, the United States and Mexico are facing down a March deadline to renegotiate the 25-year-old deal, which allows for the free flow of goods between all three countries.

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