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Trump signs executive orders to expand high-speed internet in rural America

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During a trip in Nashville, Tenn., President Donald Trump signed an executive order aimed at promoting the expansion of broadband Internet into rural areas that lack connectivity.

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Trump, speaking before a crowd of nearly 5,000 American Farm Bureau Federation members at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention, also touted the effects of axing regulations on American industry and cutting taxes on the nation's farmers and agriculture industry.

“The American dream is roaring back,” he said.

He then spent the next 35 minutes defending his first year in office in a speech tailored to the audience of farmers, a group that remains one of the pillars of his political base.

In a rarity for the president, Trump stayed mostly on script and was more policy focused than usual, offering less of the firebrand populist rhetoric that has defined him.

"You are forgotten no more," Trump said. "We're fighting for our country, we are fighting for our farmers and we are fighting for our great American flag. ...

“And we want our national anthem respected as well,” the president said, receiving one of several standing ovations as impromptu chants of “U-S-A” broke out.

Trump also received a standing ovation after mentioning changes to the estate tax that he said were beneficial to farmers and small businesses.

About 80 small businesses and small-farm estates are expected to face an estate tax in 2017, levied on estates in excess of $5.49 million, and on average those estates will owe less than 6% of their value, according to the nonpartisan Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center in Washington. In 2018, a couple can exclude $22.4 million from estate taxes.

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