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Turkey to build subway line connecting Istanbul’s third airport

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Turkey's project to construct a subway line connecting Istanbul’s third airport to the city center has been launched, said Transportation Minister Feridun Bilgin.

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A tender for the project’s testing and preparation stage has started, with the aim of completion in one year’s time, Bilgin said. The tender was made July 27 and after a year of project testing and other processes, the construction’s main tender will be made in mid-2016, said the minister.

“The new subway line will enable people to reach the third airport from several points in the city center faster,” Bilgin noted, as quoted by Anadolu Agency.

The subway line, starting from Gayrettepe, will be 33 kilometer-long and will take 26 minutes from one end to the other. Gayrettepe, where the existing subway, Metrobus and bus lines currently meet, will be the main transfer point for both the Asian and European sides, Bilgin said.

The trip from Istanbul’s touristic İstiklal Street to the new airport will take 42 minutes and 70 minutes from the Kadıköy district on the Asian side, he added.

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