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UAE now officially a nuclear country

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) signed an agreement with the United Nations' nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

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The Integrated Work Plan establishes the framework for the UAE's collaboration with the IAEA and it covers 19 reas including environmental safeguards, radiation protection, emergency planning, security and legislation. Hamad Al Kaabi, the permanent representative to the agency, signed the agreement for the UAE.

The agreement "defines all IAEA assistance to national nuclear power development activities, it is tailored to UAE needs and reflects national plans as well as recommendations from the IAEA. By signing this work plan the UAE will be the first among nuclear newcomer countries," said Mr. Al Kaabi.

The United Arab Emirates is the first nation to begin construction on a nuclear power plant since 1985 and the plant should be operational in 2017.

The work plan will help to coordinate the agency's departments and the IAEA's assistance will include developing the UAE's technical expertise and human resources to guarantee the programme's sustainability and ensure that it is used for peaceful peruposes, in other words for economic development. IAEA will assist in ensuring the safety and security of the programme for electricity generation.

The agency will also help the Emirates to develop regulations and build an emergency response systems that must be able to respond to any nuclear emergency. With the help of the IAEA, UAE will build its own facilities to handle Radioactive waste.

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