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Uganda and Denmark in a joint water project

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The Ugandan government and Denmark and other partners will implement a joint water and environment programme under a 117-million euro ($158.51 million), five-year programme set to commence next year.

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"The support is in line with our development plan that seeks to reduce poverty in Uganda and will go a long way in improving access to safe water in the country. The inclusion in the joint financing agreement of a special component will address water coverage issues in rural communities," said Secretary to the Treasury, Keith Muhakanizi who signed the agreement recently on behalf of the government.

Mr. Muhakanizi urged the recipient, the Water Ministry, to avoid returning the funds to the Treasury at the end of the financial year and cautioned they should be used for its intended purpose.

"We expect transparency, value for money and accountability for these funds. Certainly, we cannot go back to where we were last year," Mr. Muhakanizi said in alluding to the fraud scam involving foreign donations which rocked the Office of the Prime Minister.

Danish Ambassador Dan E. Fredericksen, who signed the agreement on behalf of the Danish government, called on the Ugandan government to increase sector funding to ensure steady safe water coverage throughout the country.

Other development partners participating in the programme are the African Development Bank (AfDB), Austria, the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and Germany.

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