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UK and Georgia sign trade agreement

Christian Fernsby |
The Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab signed an agreement between the UK and Georgia to ensure that our trade and political relationship remains strong after we leave the EU.

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The deal formally known as the UK-Georgia Strategic Partnership and Cooperation Agreement is the first continuity trade agreement between the UK and an Eastern European country.

The Foreign Secretary signed the agreement with the Georgian Minister of Foreign Affairs David Zalkaliani in London.

As well as setting out comprehensive free trade arrangements, the new deal frames how our countries will work together in the future. It highlights the UK’s support for Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as both countries’ commitment to strengthening fundamental freedoms and human rights and deepening our security relationship.

The agreement pledges that we will continue our cooperation in areas such as financial services, education, transport, industry and environmental protection. It also recognises Georgia’s strong commitment to an ambitious reform agenda in key areas such as governance, economic reform, trade and security policy.

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