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UK House of Lords could be cut down in size

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Britain's unelected House of Lords could be reduced in size in one of the most radical shake-ups in its centuries-long history.

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A committee reported that the size of the House of Lords should be reduced to 600 members, compared to its current size of more than 800.

The Lord Speaker's committee has also called for the size to be capped at 600 in a move that would for the first time in history.

It would also ensure a smaller House of Lords would link its composition to results of general elections which determined the political make-up of the elected House of Commons.

In its report, the committee said it believed it would result in the House of Lords making an even more effective contribution to the work of Parliament.

An action plan was unveiled spelling out how the cut in size could be achieved without legislation by parliament.

It would take an estimated 10 years for the size to fall to 600, which would make the Lords smaller than the current House of Commons which has 650 MPs.

Currently Lords are appointed for life, but the proposals would see new Members appointed for 15 year terms.

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