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UK PM promises deal to strengthen Union

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Prime Minister Theresa May heads to Wales and Northern Ireland for meetings with producers, employers and political leaders, after agreement reached in Brussels.

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Prime Minister Theresa May will visit Wales and Northern Ireland this week, to set out how the deal agreed with the EU delivers for every corner of the United Kingdom.

In Wales, she will tour the Royal Welsh Winter Fair, speak to farmers and producers and view their prize-winning livestock and produce. Profitable Welsh exports including Welsh lamb and Caerphilly cheese will be protected under the Withdrawal Agreement.

She will then meet with Welsh political leaders, and reiterate how hard she has fought throughout negotiations to ensure that taking back control of our own laws is at the heart of our Brexit deal.

Responsibility for more than 150 areas of policy will pass to the devolved parliaments, meaning they will be taking more of the decisions that impact people’s lives in areas from agriculture and fisheries, to air quality and organ donation.

In Northern Ireland, the Prime Minister will attend a community event at Queen’s University Belfast, for roundtable discussions with groups from across society including students, academics and community and religious leaders.

This will be followed by meetings with all five political parties in Belfast, where she will urge politicians to listen to major employers and trade associations in Northern Ireland and get behind the deal.

Over the past week, Manufacturing NI and the Ulster Farmers’ Union have expressed their support for the deal and publicly warned about the potential consequences of no deal for Northern Ireland.

The Prime Minister will also set out how the maintenance of the Common Travel Area and the agreement reached on the backstop honours the Belfast Agreement and ensures there can be no return to the borders of the past.

Throughout these discussions, she will emphasise that strengthening the union has been her priority from the very start of negotiations, and make the case for her deal.

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