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UK published plans for £1.6 billion A303 Stonehenge upgrade

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The route for the £1.6 billion A303 upgrade near Stonehenge, a key part of the South West expressway, has been published by Transport Secretary Chris Grayling.

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Linking the M3 in the south-east and the M5 in the south-west, the "expressway" will upgrade this key route and improve journey times for millions of people.

This major investment will support economic growth and tourism in an area where congestion and slow journeys have long had a negative impact on the region’s economy.

A tunnel near Stonehenge will remove the traffic blight on local communities and enhance the famous landmark. It will reconnect the 2 halves of the 6,500 acre World Heritage site which is currently split by the road, and remove the sight and sound of traffic from the Stonehenge landscape.

A public consultation was held earlier this year which attracted considerable feedback from thousands of individuals and organisations. Following this and further engagement with local communities, heritage groups, archaeologists, historians and engineers, Highways England has modified the plans, including moving the position of one of the entrances to the tunnel to avoid conflicting with the solstice alignment.

The route ensures the Stonehenge World Heritage site will be protected and enhanced for people from across the world to enjoy.

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