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UK says 'no physical infrastructure' at border with Northern Ireland

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The British Goverment has insisted it wants "no hard border and no physical infrastructure" between Northern Ireland and the Republic, after UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson suggested some "very minimal controls" would be acceptable.

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hnson also said leaving the European Union without a Brexit deal holds no terrors for the UK, which would do "very well" on World Trade Organisation terms.

Speaking to an audience of Telegraph subscribers, Mr Johnson said Brexit would be a "triumphant success".

The Telegraph reported Mr Johnson as saying: "I've never been one of those who is apprehensive about the so-called no-deal scenario."

He added: "No deal is better than a bad deal. If we have to come out on WTO terms we will be prepared to do so.

On the issue of the border Mr Johnson said it "will be possible to have very, very minimal controls at the border."

He said the issue "has understandably a great deal of political, emotional charge" and it is "all too forgivable for politicians to wish to be absolutely certain about how things will work."

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