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Ukraine introduces anti-dumping duties for fittings and wire rod from Russia

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Ukraine has introduced final anti-dumping duties on fittings and wire rod from the Russian Federation at a rate of 15.21% for a period of five years.

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The corresponding decision made by the Interdepartmental Commission for International Trade dated December 28, 2017 has been published in the Uriadovy Kurier newspaper.

The decision of the commission comes into force 60 days after the publication.

The official statement of the commission says that during the investigation the fact of dumping when delivering Russian products to the Ukrainian market was recognized.

At the same time, the commission made a positive conclusion regarding the existence of substantial damage to the national commodity producers, which is confirmed by the deterioration of socio-economic indicators of the national commodity producers during 2014-2016.

In particular, the volume of production (8.55%) and the volume of use of production capacities (10.85%) decreased, the volume of goods sold in the domestic market of Ukraine (1.75%) and the share of national commodity producers in the domestic market of Ukraine fell (7.20%), staff decreased (15.37%), and the volume of investments also declined (8.01%).

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