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Ukraine needs to lift ban on timber export to get 2nd tranche of EU aid

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Ukraine needs to lift the ban on export of timber and settle the issue of social payments to internally displaced persons.

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The country needs to do that in order to get the next tranche of macro-financial assistance to the tune of EUR 600 million from the EU, new head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, Ambassador Hugues Mingarelli said.

The EU has already issued the first tranche worth EUR 600 million to Ukraine and expects Kyiv to comply with two remaining conditions for the provision of the second EUR 600 million tranche, Mingarelli said at his first press conference in Kyiv on Monday.

To get this tranche Ukraine needs to meet two conditions - lift the ban on timber exports and make all the necessary social payments to internally displaced persons, the ambassador said.

According to Mingarelli, EU representatives are currently discussing these matters with the Ukrainian authorities.

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