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Ukraine: New rules for importers of products containing ozone depleting substances

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The Government of Ukraine has considered and endorsed the elaborated by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources resolution “On the implementation of a pilot project on the introduction of electronic auctions for the allocation of shares of the annual national quota on the import of ozone depleting substances.”

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This was announced by Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Ostap Semerak.

“Until now, the selection of importers who could receive these quotas took place in manual mode or according to the principle "who will be the first to reach the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources”. In order to remove the corruption component, I offered to sell quotas through online auctions.

“This will enable the country to achieve the market’s transparency, competitiveness and to avoid possible monopolization. And the main thing – it would bring additional funds to the budget,” explained Ostap Semerak.

It should be noted that pursuant to the Montreal Protocol each Party to the Protocol is required the establishment of a quota system for ozone depleting substances (ODS).

An annual quota for imports of ozone depleting substances is fixed for Ukraine and it must be observed to avoid sanctions, in particular, the possible complete ban on ODS supply to the country.

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