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Ukraine seeking EU help in removing Russia's transit limitations

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Ukraine will bring new adverse limitations on transit shipments, introduced by Russia as of the second half of 2016, onto the agenda of a second meeting of the association committee under the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement.

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"[We've] called on the EU to increase pressure on the Russian Federation for the immediate cancellation of the limitations on the transit shipments," Deputy Minister for Economic Development and Trade and Trade Representative Nataliya Mykolska tweeted amid the meeting.

Prior to the meeting, First Vice Prime Minister and Minister for Economic Development and Trade Stepan Kubiv and his deputy, trade representative Nataliya Mykolska, met with Kazakhstan's Ambassador to Ukraine Samat Ordabayev in Kyiv to find the way out of the critical situation around Ukrainian transit shipments after Russia had set new trade barriers.

Russia's groundless economic measures translated into a 47.9% reduction in Ukrainian exports to Kazakhstan in January-April 2016 year-over-year, the ministry said.

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