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Ukrainians to Yanukovich: We will be in EU, with or without you

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"The future of Ukraine lies in our hands, not in yours", civil society activists told Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich in an unusual New Year video message.

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More than fifty Ukrainians of all walks of life addressed Yanukovich in a video message, in an unprecedented response to the annual televised message of the head of state, reports EurActiv.

"Every year it's the President who addresses the people on New Year's Eve. But judging from his scarce statements made lately, he has nothing to say. Now it's the time of the people to speak," said the authors of the video. "The future of Ukraine lies in our hands, not in yours. We are Europeans. We will be in the EU. With you or without you."

Since Mr. Yanukovych refused to sign an Association Agreement with the European Union in late November, tens of thousands of Ukrainians have taken to the streets of Kyiv and other cities calling for Yanukovych and his government to resign. He issued a televised message calling for national unity in 2014 after what he called possibly "the most difficult" year in the history of independent Ukraine.

The President even appeared to make appeasing sounds to the protestors, saying that 2013 had been also "a year of progress through Maidans [protest squares] and national roundtable talks, political disputes and honest dialogue".

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