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Uruguay to install 3,300 security cameras

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The government plans to purchase 3,300 security cameras that will be installed in different parts of Uruguay, expanding the amount of monitoring equipment already in place, President Tabare Vazquez said.

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Some 2,200 cameras will be installed in Montevideo, the South American country’s capital and home to 1.3 million people; 880 will be deployed in Canelones province; 120 will be installed in San Jose province, with most of them going into Ciudad del Plata; and the rest will be distributed among other towns.

With this purchase, Uruguay, which has a population of 3.3 million, will have more than 6,000 surveillance cameras, helping bolster efforts “to make security a valued good for all Uruguayans,” Vazquez told reporters after a Cabinet meeting.

The 3,300 new cameras will expand the security network already in place in a number of neighborhoods in Montevideo and Canelones and Maldonado provinces.

The additional cameras will help officials protect the gains already made in the “fight against crime,” Vazquez said.

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