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US agro officials review Dominican work to halt the fruit fly

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Dominican Republic Agriculture minister Angel Estevez met with US Agriculture Deptartment (USDA) officials to discuss the country’s efforts to eradicate the fruit fly.

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USDA undersecretary Michael Scuse, US Embassy agricultural attaché Morgan Perkins and Estevez discussed how to bolster trade and transparency between the two countries, and financial support for sanitation policies.

They also talked about promoting and the increasing exports to the United States, trade through the DR-CAFTA treaty and lifting the US ban on Dominican fruits and vegetables.

He said the eradication of the fruit fly advances and all sanitary controls have been strengthened to prevent the insect’s spread.

We’ve been able to minimize the number of fertile females allowing elimination in record time,” Estevez said, and thanked the US officials for all their support.

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