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US Senate Energy Committee approves Keystone XL

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US Senate Energy Committee has passed the bill that approves building Keystone XL oil pipeline project, chairman of the Committee Lisa Murkowski said.

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"The bill is reported. I thank members for that," Murkowski said. The Committee voted 13 to 9. The House of Representatives is going to consider the Keystone pipeline approval bill Friday, which will allow the Senate to discuss it next week.

President Barack Obama has threatened to veto the measure, setting up an early battle over the TransCanada Corp project that would link Canadian oil sands to refineries in Texas.

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin (Dem) co-sponsored Keystone legislation with North Dakota Republican John Hoeven. "By golly we need this oil. And I'd rather buy it from Canada than Venezuela," Manchin said during a hearing before the panel vote.

Hoeven says 63 senators support the measure, while 67 needed to override a veto. Democrats opposed to the pipeline have said they plan to introduce amendments in the full Senate requiring the pipeline to be built with U.S. steel and to prevent the oil from ever being exported.

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