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US Senate rejects Keystone XL Pipeline construction

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The US Senate has disapproved the Keystone XL Pipeline construction by the majority of votes, the US Senate presiding officer announced after the vote.

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"The bill is not passed, the threshold of 60 votes has not been achieved," the presiding officer said. Fifty nine senators voted in the affirmative, while 41 senators voted against the bill.

Keystone XL Pipeline construction bill was passed in the US House of Representatives last Friday.

Senator Mary Landrieu, who chairs Energy and Natural Resources Committee, proposed the latest version of the bill. She said the construction would create thousands of jobs for US citizens and pointed out the fact that Keystone XL Pipeline would produce 0.015 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to 300,000 passenger vehicles in the United States.

However, Democrats argue that Keystone XL Pipeline project will substantially affect the environment since the "filthiest" oil from Canadian tar sands will pollute air and water in the region and contribute considerably to global warming.

Last week the White House spokesperson Josh Earnest pointed to a possible veto by Obama, saying that presidential advisers have suggested vetoing similar bills.

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