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U.S. sets preliminary subsidy rates on corrosion-resistant steel products

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The U.S. Commerce Department set preliminary subsidy rates on imported corrosion-resistant steel products from China, India, Italy and the Republic of Korea, signaling that it may impose punitive duties on the products.

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The department made its preliminary affirmative determination that producers and exporters of corrosion-resistant steel products in those four countries received countervailable subsidy rates ranging from 0.04 percent to 235.66 percent.

Punitive duties would be imposed after both the Commerce Department and the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) made affirmative final rulings, which are scheduled on Jan 18 and March 5, 2016, respectively. If the ITC makes a negative determination, the investigations will be terminated.

Corrosion-resistant steel products are typically used in the manufacture of trucks, automobiles, agricultural equipment and industrial equipment.

Imports of these products from China were estimated at about #685 million last year, according to U.S. official data.

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