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US to allow egg imports from Netherlands

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) will soon allow pasteurized egg imports from the Netherlands because of dwindling supplies and higher prices caused by the huge bird flu outbreak in the Midwest.

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The trade decision reflects the ongoing emergency measures taken in light of the largest-ever outbreak of avian flu in the U.S.

o far, the virulent strain of H5N2 has been detected at 201 farms in 15 states, triggering the destruction of 44.7 million chickens and turkeys, according to the USDA.

Because the majority of the losses are egg-laying hens, so-called “liquid eggs,” have been most affected. The liquid, frozen and powdered eggs are used in commercial baking for products like bread, cookies and crackers, as well as in restaurants.

The American Bakers Association said last week that it was lobbying USDA and Congress, asking to reinstate imports from the Netherlands, the first country in the European Union to be allowed to sell eggs here. Canada is the only other country the U.S. allows for egg imports.

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