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Venezuela condemns Panama decision to demand traveler visas

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Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza described as anti-integrationist the migration measure taken by Panama against Venezuela, according to which all Venezuelan citizens will have to apply for a visa to travel to that country.

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'Venezuela receives with indignation Panama's anti-integrationist measure. Let us act with reciprocity and we reserve the right to take complementary measures,' said Arreaza on his Twitter account.

The Venezuelan foreign minister pointed out that the Panamanian government made that decision after U.S. Vice President Mike Pence visited that country last Thursday.

"The Panamanian people can count on the Venezuelan people's friendship. We will continue to share the dreams of brotherhood based on respect," he added.

He repeated his denunciations about the U.S.-led interfering campaign implemented by several Latin American governments after the installation of the National Constituent Assembly, which was supported by more than right million voters on July 30.

In that regard, Arreaza noted that with those actions, the U.S. administration and its lackeys want to destabilize the democratically elected government of President Nicolas Maduro.

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