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Venezuela demands from U.S. to stop meddling in its affairs

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Venezuela has reiterated its demand from the U.S. Government to cease its interference in its internal affairs, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, William Castillo, said.

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After statements issued by the US State Department on Caracas' sovereign decision in its jurisdictional waters, the official criticized the constant interference of the US Government in national politics.

'The U.S. must cease its illegal and insolent intervention in Venezuela's affairs and deal with its own problems,' the diplomat wrote on Twitter.

Castillo also questioned Robert Palladino spokesman's statements on the action carried out by the Bolivarian National Navy in response to the incursion of two Guyanese exploration ships into the Venezuelan Orinoco Delta, and described their action as 'ridiculous'.

'Palladino is sent by (Michael) Pompeo to make a fool before Christmas by questioning Venezuela's sovereign and peaceful actions,' he added while demanding relations of respect from U.S. President Donald Trump.

It is evident that Washington interferes with convenience in a matter that is not at all its concern, aimed at fostering corporate interests linked to the governing elite, regardless of the most elementary rules of public international law, the official emphasized.

'We make a firm appeal to the U.S. authorities to stay out of relations between sovereign states and to deal with their internal affairs and problems,' Castillo said.

The official U.S. statement comes after the Bolivarian National Navy intercepted two seismic exploration vessels in Venezuelan waters on Dec 22, demanding Guyana to respect its sovereignty and urging it to re-establish direct talks with Venezuelan authorities.

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