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Vietnam increases security cooperation with U.S.

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While receiving Wendy Sherman, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, the Senior Lieutenant General said the two countries should adopt a more effective approach to holding strategic consultations on defence-security.

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The two countries, said the general, should also cooperate more closely on clearing bombs and mines, ensuring maritime security, and exchanging war memorabilia.

Vietnam supports and allows the US to increase the number of excavation teams in the search for American personnel missing in action during the past war, said the Deputy Defence Minister, adding the country is willing to listen to and expand cooperation with the US.

Wendy Sherman agreed with Vinh's proposals and hoped the two countries' navies will conduct more exchanges, pilot search and rescue work, and set up a hotline to keep abreast of maritime security. She thanked the government and army of Vietnam for having cooperated in the MIA issue with the US over the years.

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