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Wisconsin governor approves $3bn incentive deal for Foxconn factory

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Governor Scott Walker signed the Wisconn Valley Special Session Bill into law.

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It is paving the way for construction of a $10 billion manufacturing campus located in southeastern Wisconsin for Foxconn Technology Group (Foxconn), the world’s largest electronic manufacturing services provider.

The world-class facility, the largest example of greenfield foreign direct investment in U.S. history, is expected to create 13,000 new jobs in the state with an average salary of $53,875 plus benefits.

Employees at the new facility, the first of its kind in the United States, will manufacture state-of-the-art liquid crystal display (LCD) screens which will be used in everything from self-driving cars to aircraft systems and in the fields of education, entertainment, healthcare, safety and surveillance, advanced manufacturing systems, and office automation, among others.

Foxconn’s investment follows on the heels of foreign direct investment projects and expansions in Wisconsin from foreign companies including Haribo and MilliporeSigma.

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