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Zambia sets deadline for national airline

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The Zambian government has set June 214 as the deadline for the establishment of a state-run airline, Minister of Transport, Communication, Works and Supply Yamfwa Mukanga said.

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Mr. Mukanga said the government is expected to make headways in reintroducing a national airline by June after holding consultations with a number of renowned airlines, according to Q FM radio. The government, he said, has been consulting with a number of airlines to learn experiences on how best to operate an airline.

The Zambian government has been struggling to reintroduce a national airline since the demise of its premier airline, Zambia Airways which collapsed in 1994.

The absence of a national airline has negatively affected the development of the tourism, non-traditional exports and other industries that directly or indirectly rely on tourism.

Recently, the Zambian government set a delegation to Qatar to consult on how it can help the country set up a national airline and become a central hub in passenger and cargo traffic, he added.

However, the current government of President Michael Sata has vowed that it will do everything possible to ensure that a national airline is established.

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